According to the University of South Carolina’s academic calendar, the spring semester will begin mid-January. Before then, students will get to enjoy a break of 2 and a half weeks (depending on when their final exams are scheduled). Over the break, students will head back to their hometowns and enjoy the holidays with their families, or they might stay in Columbia to enjoy the time off. As we get closer to the new semester, we also get closer to the new year. Many of us are thinking about a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you want to lose weight, curse less, floss more, and be a better person. We all set goals like those, but what about goals to have your best semester yet at USC? We have a few resolutions to help you achieve a new you in the new semester:

Form Consistent Workout Habits:

  • Bike to class when the weather is nice. Retail on the River is approximately 2.5 miles from campus and about a 15-minute bike ride. Biking to class is a great way to fit exercise into your schedule without having to go to the gym.
  • Take advantage of free membership to the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center as a USC student. Students can access the gym and group fitness classes for free using their CarolinaCard. In addition to the great workout equipment and classes, there are also basketball, badminton, racquetball, soccer/floor hockey, squash, and volleyball courts; a rock-climbing wall; a pool; and an indoor track.
  • Make the gym a habit two to three times a week. A gym within your apartment complex is a convenience that will make working out much easier and less time-consuming. Redtail on the River has a 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness center with strength equipment, cardio machines, and free weights.
  • Make exercise more fun and social by joining an intramural team or sports club. These casual sports groups make it easy to play at any skill level. Participants also tend to make friends and grow their social circle with people who enjoy the same sports. If you already have a large social circle, you can get everyone together and create your own intramural team.

Learn New Ways to Manage Stress:

  • Be a part of the Healthy Carolina movement at USC. Healthy Carolina ensures that USC students have access to a healthy campus environment. They host farmers markets, fitness classes, nutrition consultations, and more. Living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to reduce stress.
  • Go to a Pet a Pup event on campus. Petting a puppy with a wagging tail and a happy face is a great way to lift your spirits during stressful times like finals week. Pet a Pup events take place once a month, and pup office hours are held once a week for two hours every Tuesday. For more information, visit the USC Center for Health and Well-Being.
  • Listen to a guided meditation. Peaceful music or a comforting voice can help guide your thoughts to a lower level of stress. Dedicating as little as two minutes to listen to a meditation can improve your whole day. USC has compiled a meditation library on their website specifically for stressed students.  

Be More Organized:

  • Make use of free printing in the Redtail on the River business center. Residents can access free Wi-Fi and use the provided iMacs to get their work done. The business center can also be a great place to study if you have distractions like chatty roommates in your apartment.
  • Keep your desk neat and tidy by using a desk organizer, a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, or another organizational tool. Having an organized workspace will increase your productivity. Don’t let your mess get out of hand; instead, tidy up your workspace each time you sit down to complete an assignment. It will stay clean consistently if you make it a daily task.
  • Get a 2020 day planner. Writing down your assignments, schedule, and to-dos in a planner will help you stay organized in 2020. Committing everything that needs to get done to memory isn’t as reliable as writing things down. You can find cheap planners at Walmart, Dollar Tree, or Target. If you want a fancy one, look online on sites like Amazon for a wider selection.

We hope that all of our student residents have a great holiday break! Try out some of these resolutions for the new year, and carry them into the spring semester for a new you!